3 ways to… regain your creativity

Four months into lockdown and my creativity is waning. I haven’t written anything in weeks (you’ll have noticed). I’ve barely been posting on Instagram. I haven’t drawn or practiced regular asana for ages. At the beginning of this pandemic I was enthusiastically doing all these things all the time. I was inspired. I had clarity.Continue reading “3 ways to… regain your creativity”

Maintaining a regular yoga practice and what to do when you’ve lost it.

Sometimes I fall out of the habit of my yoga. I like to practise everyday and in a perfect world, I would. This though, is not a perfect world and I am far from perfect in it. I’m sharing this blog today to give myself the reminder to get back on the mat. When IContinue reading “Maintaining a regular yoga practice and what to do when you’ve lost it.”

How to… Begin a yoga practice

The yoga “world”… From the outside yoga and its world can seem daunting. There are so many different styles, so many people telling you they have the answer and so many thin, flexible, white women bending about in their beautiful yoga clothes. But yoga is available to everybody. At least it should be. All youContinue reading “How to… Begin a yoga practice”

How to survive a global pandemic (or just have an ok time)

*This article contains an affiliate link* So it’s the end of March 2020 and Covid-19 has swept the world. Most countries are on lock down, or if not, at least strongly recommending social distancing and staying home. Life as we know it has changed incomprehensibly in the past three months. Nobody knows how long weContinue reading “How to survive a global pandemic (or just have an ok time)”