How to survive a global pandemic (or just have an ok time)

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So it’s the end of March 2020 and Covid-19 has swept the world. Most countries are on lock down, or if not, at least strongly recommending social distancing and staying home. Life as we know it has changed incomprehensibly in the past three months. Nobody knows how long we will have to stay inside and separate, or how long the travel restrictions will be in place. We can’t tell what life will look like on the other side of this pandemic, if we’ll be able to go back to normal, and for some of us, if we even want to go back to normal.

The situation, the state of flux and the lack of information coming into us can be unnerving. So can being stuck in the house all day. Working from home is one thing but having nothing to do all day is possibly even harder. I was between jobs when this all hit and so I find myself staying in and having trouble filling my day. I’ve been in self isolation for two weeks since I arrived in Australia and it’s only now that I’m starting to find a routine that leaves me fulfilled and nourished rather than lethargic and bored. 

It’s so tempting just to do nothing when you first go into self isolation or lockdown, and that is definitely a really great thing to do, especially if you’ve been working or socialising a lot before this. Give your body and soul some time to rest and just be, but then (and you know when is right for you), you need to start using your time more productively. I’m in no way saying that you need to come out of isolation whipped into the best shape of your life or having written your memoir or learnt Russian, but start using your time for you. Doing the things that bring you a little bit of joy or even just stave off the depression. Staying in bed is wonderful sometimes but I know that if I did that everyday I’d end up feeling sluggish and not in my power.

On one of the endless scrolls through Instagram (a habit I’ve quickly relearned in captivity) I came across the glorious @iamgabbyfrancis and her ‘light me up list’. Basically it’s a list of (minimum) 30 things that make you feel wonderful. Things that energise you, with happy and contented energy. You can put absolutely anything on there, as long as you know it restores you.

I’m going to share my list below but remember your list might not look anything like mine, and it’s all about what you like to do in your day, and what supports you.

  • Yoga (I have signed up to Movement for Modern Life so I still get to practice with some of my favourite teachers from home AND they are doing 10 weeks free membership for NHS workers, click here to see the info)
  • Meditation (twice a day for around 20 minutes)
  • Dancing
  • Cooking and eating healthy and delicious food
  • Sunbathing
  • Walking in nature
  • Drinking my morning coffee slowwwly
  • Moisturising my full body
  • Dry body brushing (three times a week before a shower)
  • Self-pleasure (as often as I feel like and especially with my crystal pleasure wand from Yoni Pleasure Palace, check out their amazing selection of ethically sourced crystal pleasure enhancers here *affiliate link*)
  • Facetiming friends
  • Calling my mum
  • Connecting with my lover
  • Dreaming/planning/researching future travel plans
  • Drawing (I’m no good but I really enjoy it- I’ve started a drawing challenge with a friend and so far done a self portrait, an octopus and a leaf)
  • Writing poems (for no one’s eyes but my own)
  • Journalling
  • Being on the beach
  • Being in the forest
  • Eating at beautiful cafes and restaurants (obviously not during lock down)
  • Exercising
  • Reading gripping fiction and inspiring non fiction.
  • Learning something new (this week has been how to make a website)
  • Baths
  • Cold showers
  • Yoni egg practice (again from Yoni Pleasure Palace through my affiliate link)
  • Collaging and vision boarding
  • Getting up at 6am (more of an aspiration than a current practice)
  • Chatting to my brother and his girlfriend
  • Reading magazines

Do you have a light me up list? Do you know what would be on it? It might take some thinking about. If you do end up writing one and you’re up for it, share below, especially if you’ve got some different stuff on there- so we can all inspire each other. And don’t forget to do some things on your list everyday! You’ll definitely feel better. Equally though, if days pass where you don’t tick anything off your list because it all feels like too much effort, allow for that. Go gentle with yourself through life. Until we can go out and hug each other…

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