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3 ways to… regain your creativity

Four months into lockdown and my creativity is waning. I haven’t written anything in weeks (you’ll have noticed). I’ve barely been posting on Instagram. I haven’t drawn or practiced regular asana for ages. At the beginning of this pandemic I was enthusiastically doing all these things all the time. I was inspired. I had clarity.…

Embracing change

A few years ago I moved to Mexico to become a yoga teacher for people who neither speak English, nor have any grounding in yoga. It was a steep learning curve for all of us.  
Today I’m thinking a lot about comfort zones and the way we challenge ourselves. I’ve been travelling and coming and…

Maintaining a regular yoga practice and what to do when you’ve lost it.

Sometimes I fall out of the habit of my yoga. I like to practise everyday and in a perfect world, I would. This though, is not a perfect world and I am far from perfect in it. I’m sharing this blog today to give myself the reminder to get back on the mat.When I stop…

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